Microsoft PowerPoint 365

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At a glance 

Type of assessment



Level of proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint


5 minutes


Candidates are presented with 12 multiple-choice questions.

Workplace outcomes

Reduced training requirements

Increased productivity

Recommended for

Recommended for roles that require PowerPoint proficiency including Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, and internship roles. 


Identify the best candidates who are proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint using a fast and adaptive assessment. The PowerPoint assessment is designed to measure proficiency with a wide range of functionalities in Microsoft PowerPoint. By assessing a candidate’s ability to proficiently use PowerPoint, employers gain a full picture of a candidate’s PowerPoint skills and can identify the top candidates who are competent performing common tasks in PowerPoint.

Assess basic to advanced PowerPoint skills 

From working with images and shapes to slide transitions and using animations, employers can assess job readiness and reduce training needs for roles that require regular use of PowerPoint at the beginner through to advanced level.  

Skills covered 

  • WordArt 
  • Working with images, shapes, charts 
  • Formatting objects 
  • Slide transitions 
  • Creating and using themes 
  • Slide Master 
  • Animations 
  • Working with media 

Multiple-choice questions

For improved test security, your candidates will be streamed different questions from a large bank of items. This means that no two candidates are likely to be presented with the same set of questions, making it harder for candidates to cheat or prepare for specific questions.

Useful and immediate insights

Detailed score reports provide you with immediate insights including: 

  • Score: a numerical score indicating how the candidate performed relative to other people who have completed the assessment 
  • Proficiency rating: a rating of PowerPoint proficiency from Beginner to Advanced 

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