Preview the TEAMscan Insight Survey

Updated by Amy Thomas

The TEAMscan survey asks the same questions of team members, whether the survey has been launched for a specific team, a department, or your whole organization. To view the survey experience, follow the instructions below.

  1. From the team or organization profile page, go to the TEAMscan tab.
    1. As an admin user, you can also access this from the Admin Console. Go to the Surveys tab.
  2. Click the Relaunch TEAMscan button if a TEAMscan has been completed previously. Click Launch TEAMscan if no TEAMscans have been completed for that team or for your organization, or you are accessing this from the Admin Console.
  3. The pop-up that appears provides an overview of the TEAMscan.
  4. Click Preview TEAMscan survey.
  5. You will be directed to a walk-though of the TEAMscan survey. Note that no answers will be saved, so no-one in your organization will see your responses and they will not contribute to the results.
  6. Click Next Question to progress through the preview, selecting an answer for each question. Only one of the questions from each section is presented in the preview.
  7. To exit the preview without completing it, click Exit Preview in the top right.
  8. Click Leave TEAMscan to return to the survey overview screen. From here you can close the pop-up or click Next to launch the TEAMscan survey.

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