Changing Your Candidates' Time Zone Setting

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Your Criteria account is set to either Pacific Time (PT) or Australian Eastern Time (AET), depending on your account's setting. However, you can set a different time zone for your candidates, so when they receive their invitation email, it will show the expiry date in a time zone that is meaningful to them.

You can set this as a default for your Criteria account. Click here to learn more.

If you need to use different time zones for your candidates in different locations, you can also set the Candidate Time Zone at the job level.

Please note that your Criteria account will still only display Pacific Time (PT) or Australian Eastern Time (AET). When the invitations are set up, the system will translate the expiry date you set to the time zone you have selected for your candidates' view.

Setting the time zone for a job

Once you have created your job, go to the job settings screen by clicking on the settings wheel in the top right corner.

In the Candidate Experience section, you can see the default time zone set for your account. This time zone is what your candidates will see. If you have not set a default expiry date for your assessment invitations, the time zone is not visible, since no times will be displayed for those events. You can still set an expiry date and Candidate Time Zone by continuing with the instructions below.

Click "Edit" next to Testing Event Expiration.

Select the most appropriate time zone from the drop down list. Note that this list does not currently include all time zones, however we have covered the major time zones and cities. If you choose to use one of the system defaults (Pacific Time or Australian Eastern Time), the invitation times will automatically be adjusted for Daylight Savings Time (DST), however this may not be the case for other time zones selected.

Click "Save".

Sending candidate invitations

When you add and invite your candidates to complete an assessment, you will see the default time zone for your Criteria account, not the time zone that the candidate invitations will show.

However, your candidates will see the selected Candidate Time Zone in their invitation email.

When they access their assessment invitation, your candidates will also see Candidate Time Zone in the assessment center.

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