Understanding Your Personality Results

Updated by Amy Thomas

Develop offers you the opportunity to harness your own personality superpowers, understand blind spots and engage in meaningful conversations to understand yourself and your colleagues better. Here is a guide to understanding personality results in Develop. 

Understanding Your Traits: Your report will highlight key personality and behavioral traits. There is no right or wrong with personality, but the workplace insights report provides descriptive insights to help you understand your work style, communication approach, and interaction with others. 

Comparative Analysis: The report includes an infographic that compares your traits to the general population, giving you a sense of where you stand on various attributes. You can also compare your profile to the profile of a colleague or manager. 

Self-Awareness: Use the insights to increase your self-awareness and identify blind spots. Recognize your strengths and potential areas for development and understand how your personality may influence your work environment preferences. 

Collaboration: If you opt to share your report with your manager or team members, it can serve as a foundation for better understanding and collaboration within your team. In fact, you can use the collaboration guide to better understand how to work together based on your profile. You can also understand your similarities and differences. 

Adaptation: Consider the tips provided to adjust your communication and work style for more effective interactions with colleagues who may have different preferences and styles. 

Development: Reflect on the potential challenges identified in the report and think about how you can address them to enhance your professional growth. 

Remember, the Workplace Insights Report is a tool for personal and professional development, and it's most effective when used in conjunction with open communication and collaboration with your team. 

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