Reviewing Live Interview Results

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Once the required number of evaluators have finalized their evaluations of your candidates' live interviews, the results will become visible in your Criteria account. The results will update as each evaluator submits their ratings and comments.

  1. To view a candidate's Live Interview results, go to the job and locate the candidate. Click on their name to open their candidate card.
  2. Under the Results tab, the Summary section will provide an overview of the candidate's results.
    1. If more than one evaluator has finalized their evaluation, the Total Score and Question Rating Average will be an average of each evaluator's ratings.
    2. Total Score is calculated as being the number of stars given (out of 5 for each question) as a percentage of the total number of possible stars.
    For example: the interview guide has 4 questions, each worth 5 stars. giving a total possible score of 20. Evaluator Peter Jones rates candidate Joe Smith 3 stars on every question, while Phoebe Clark rates him as 2 stars on each question. In total, Peter has given Joe 12 stars and Phoebe has given him 8 stars. Joe's Total Score is therefore 60.
    1. Click Download this Summary to produce a pdf version of the Summary Report.
  3. Click Live Interview, then select Evaluators. Here you can see which evaluators have finalized their evaluation and when these were completed.
  4. Click Live Interview, then select Score. Each evaluator's rating and comments are shown here.
    1. Click Download this Report to generate a pdf of the Score Report.

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