Extending Assessment Invitations

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If you have set an expiry date for an event you have invited your candidates to complete, but they did not complete in time, you can provide them with additional time. There are a couple of options in the Criteria platform.

No expiration date for invitation

You can create assessment invitations with no expiration date. On the invitation screen, simply toggle the Event Expiration field off (grey).

Once the recruitment project has concluded, you can delete any invitations that were not completed so candidates are not able to access the invitation later.

Select the candidate(s) to be removed and use the Bulk Actions function to Delete Test Invitations.

If you do not want to delete the invitations, making the job inactive will also prevent candidates from logging in to complete the assessments.

Extend invitation or re-invite candidate

If you have set an expiration date for your candidates' invitations you are able to extend this.

Bulk extensions

Select the candidate(s) whose invitations are to be extended, then use the Bulk Actions function to Extend Expiration.

You can extend the candidate/s invitations by:

  • A set number of days. This will extend the candidates' invitations the number of days selected beyond the original expiration date. For example, the original invitation is for 14 days and the extension is 5 days, which means the candidates will be given 19 days to complete the assessment.
  • Setting all candidates to expire at a specific date and time. Note that invitations cannot be set to expire sooner than the original expiry date. If the candidate has an existing expiry date later than the date you have selected, their invitation will not be updated.

Extend individual candidates

If you only need to extend one candidate's invitation, go to their candidate card and click More Actions in the Pending Events tab.

Click Extend Expiration.

Select the new expiry date, then click Save.

Send invitation emails

When you extend a candidate's invitation they are not automatically sent an email to alert them to this. To let your candidates know the new expiration date, send the candidates a reminder email.

If you are extending several candidates' invitations, select each one in the list, then click Remind Candidates of Tests under Bulk Actions.

If you only need to send the reminder to one candidate, go to their candidate card and click More Actions in the Pending Events tab. Click Remind Candidate of Assessments.

Select the reminder email template to use, then click Send Email.

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