Discussing TEAMscan Results With Your Team

Updated by Amy Thomas

After taking the TEAMscan at the team, department, or organizational level, the best practice will be to create the time and space for people to reflect on the resulting TEAM insight report and discuss together as a group. This shared reflection and conversation can lead to a committed shared action plan to improve teamwork for the group, this along with personal individual commitments from the group leaders are keys to consistent growth.

For guidance on this process, here are the recommended steps to make this happen: 

Schedule the discussion

  • Schedule a time when you and your teammates can talk. The best environment will be free from distraction, focused and but relaxed way. For example, it's best to avoid scheduling this for a sales team in the last week of a quarter. 
  • Block out at least 30-60 minutes. 
  • Avoid doing this this at a time when (or in a place where) team members are stressed or have a lot of job related pressure. 

Run the discussion

  • Take a few minutes to make sure everyone is comfortable and remind the group of the purpose of the discussion — this is a safe place to talk openly about things the team is doing as strengths and areas you can potentially grow.  
  • Review the ground rules: 
    - Be positive and supportive. 
    - This is a safe space to try and learn and improve as a team and build a growth-mindset oriented culture. 
    - A place to describe things without judgment or blame. 
    - Be future focused. 
    - Not a place to raise (or solve) conflicts or to argue 
    - Take turns and invite everyone into the conversation. 
    - If you’re a team leader, invite everyone into the conversation, encourage turn taking and topic switching, ask both clarifying (when, how, what) and extending questions (what if), and summarize progress and next steps. 

Commit to an Action Plan 

  • Make sure it includes: 
    • The What: What specifically you will try and do (1 specific dimension or skill to focus on) 
    • The Why: Why does improving at this skill or dimension matter to you as a team? 
    • The How: What specific standing meeting or existing process will you connect this to? 
    • What Success Is: A clear definition of a hoped for improvement that will result. 

Set the next check-in time and date 

  • This should be a date 2-8 weeks in the future. Generally about a month will work well. If it’s longer, it is too far away to motivate behavior and too infrequent to drive consistent learning. If it is more frequent, it can become a distraction from the day-to-day tasks the team needs to achieve.  

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