Managing Result Notifications

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Managing Email Notifications 

You will be automatically set up to receive emailed copies of the score reports for every new job you create. However there are a couple ways to manage your notification preferences: 

  1. Global change – You can click the user avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the platform and select “User Preferences” to adjust your notifications across all Jobs that you have access to. Here you can adjust your preferences to be: 
    1. Send me score reports – you will be sent the full report for every Candidate that takes an assessment for any Jobs you have access to 
    2. Send me Candidate Summaries - you will be sent a summary for every Candidate that takes an assessment for any Jobs you have access to 
    3. Send me a Notice – you will be sent an email letting you know a Candidate has completed their event, but not their score report data 
    4. Do not notify me – you will not be notified upon test completion. 
  2. Job specific change – You can individually manage notification preferences for each job you have access to. You can adjust these by going to the Jobs page and clicking the bell icon to the right of the job. You have the following options: 


  1. Here is some additional information about each of these options: 
    1. You can be notified for all results (including the results for candidates who might have used another member of your team’s unique testing link) 
    2. You can be notified for “my results” meaning only candidates who use the unique link in your account will trigger a notifications email 
    3. No notifications indicates you will not receive any notifications for candidates completing assessments through this job  
  2. Please note: If you do not see the bell icon next to a Job in your account, this means you have not had the job shared with your login. If you’d like to receive notifications for this job, you can navigate to the job settings section and add yourself to the list of people in the “Sharing” section. 

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