Understand Personality Results

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Develop offers teams and managers the opportunity to harness their own personality superpowers, understand blind spots and engage in meaningful conversations to understand each other better. Here is a guide of the steps in place to understanding personality results in Develop, including individual personality dynamics and group level personality trends. 

Introduction to Criteria's Develop Platform and EPP 

  • Overview of the Employee Personality Profile (EPP)  
  • Importance of understanding team personality traits 

Pre-Assessment Preparation.  

  • Communicating the purpose and benefits of the EPP to the team.  
  • Ensuring confidentiality and trust in the assessment process 

Administering the EPP  

  • Coordinating the completion of the EPP by all team members (if required) 
  • Providing support and answering questions about the assessment 

Analyzing EPP Results  

  • Reviewing individual EPP reports for insights into work styles and interactions  
  • Identifying notable traits, strengths, challenges, and motivators for each team member 

Creating a Team Personality Summary  

  • Utilizing Team Personality insights to compile a comprehensive team profile 
  • Understanding how individual traits fit within the team dynamic 

Facilitating Team Discussions  

  • Sharing the Team Personality Summary with the team  
  • What’s surprising? What did you already know? How do you leverage this? 
  • Guiding discussions on individual and team traits to foster self-awareness 

Harnessing Collaboration Guides  

  • Dynamic collaboration guides for each team member  
  • Outlining strategies for effective interaction based on unique trait profiles 

Implementing Insights for Team Development  

  • Leveraging personality insights to enhance team performance and productivity  
  • Addressing workplace stressors and promoting motivators to improve engagement 
  • Making a list of possible actions to focus on as a team, and committing to those actions 

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement  

  • Establishing regular check-ins to discuss team dynamics and progress 
  • Adjusting strategies based on ongoing feedback and EPP updates 


  • Summarizing the benefits of understanding team personality traits 
  • Encouraging the continuous use of Criteria's Develop platform for talent success 

By following this guide leaders can gain a deeper understanding of their team's personality traits and work styles, leading to improved communication, collaboration, and overall team effectiveness. 

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