Add Team Members to Develop

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You can set your Develop account to allow all users to add new team members or restrict this to certain groups or people, such as managers, team leaders or admin users.

From the Home and Team Profile pages

If all users are allowed to add new team members, they can send the invitation from several locations within Develop. From their Home page, they simply need to click Invite Member in the My Teammates section. If they are on their team's profile page, they can click Invite at the top of the page or Invite new member from the Team Members section.

If only team leaders, managers and admins may invite new team members, only admin users and those who are designated as the leader of a team will see these buttons.

From the Admin Console

As an admin user, you can also add new team members from within the Admin Console.

  1. Click Admin Console in the top menu and go to the Teams tab.
  2. Click Invite.
  3. There are three options for inviting new team members:
    1. Via email: enter the email address of each new user to be invited to your Develop account. Each address will need to be added individually.
      1. Click Send Invite. Each new user will be sent an email invitation.
    2. Via link: a unique link for your organization's Develop account is generated.
      1. Copy the link and provide it to any potential users. When they click on the link, they will be directed to create a user profile within your Develop account.
    3. Via CSV: upload a spreadsheet of new users to be added to your Develop account.
      1. Each person in the spreadsheet will be sent an email invitation.
  4. Note that by default, any new team members added are given the user access role. You will need to edit their profile to assign them as a team leader or admin (if required).

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