View TEAMscan Results for a Team, a Department, or Your Organization

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TEAMscan results can be viewed in the team's, department's or organization's profile, depending on which group the survey was launched for. As an admin user, there are several ways you can access these results.

Admin Console

As an admin for your organization, you can view the TEAMscan results for any team, department or for your whole organization from the Admin Console.

Click Admin Console in the top menu, then go to the Surveys tab.

A list of all TEAMscan surveys launched for your organization is displayed.

  • You can sort the list by any of the columns by clicking on the heading.
  • Use the search field to locate surveys completed by a specific team or department.

For the TEAMscan results you are interested in viewing, click the ... (3 dots) to the right of the the survey and select View Results in the pop-up menu.

You will be directed to the TEAMscan tab for that team / department / organization profile.

Note that at least 3 team members need to complete the survey for the results to become available. As each team member completes the survey after this, the results are automatically updated to include their responses.


On the Home page, you can access the TEAMscan results for any team you belong to.

Go to the Understand Teamwork section and click View results for the team you want to look at. You will be directed to the TEAMscan tab in that team's profile.

You can also click on the team name in the My Teams section to go to the team profile. From there, click the TEAMscan tab to view the results.


Using the Profiles menu is an easy way to access your organization's profile and view your organization's TEAMscan results. From this menu, you can also access any teams that you are a member of.

Click Profiles in the top menu and select either a team or your organization.

You will be directed to the team's or organization's profile.

Click the TEAMscan tab to view the results for the TEAMscan survey.

Viewing previous TEAMscan results

By default, the profile area will display the most recent TEAMscan results. To view the results of previous surveys. follow the instructions above to open the TEAMscan tab.

Click Configure view.

  • To view the results for a single survey, click the circle to the left of that survey, then click Show results.
  • To view the aggregate results from multiple surveys, click the Aggregate tab. Select the time frame that includes all the surveys being reviewed, then click Show results.

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