Criteria Platform System Requirements

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The Criteria platform is 100% web-based and runs on modern browsers. It does not require any workstation installation.

For an optimal experience, we recommend using the most up to date version of one of the following browsers:


While we’ve worked hard to make the platform accessible on any computer, if you have strict security settings, some small adjustments may be required.

Provide this information to your IT team so they can ensure you’ll be able to use the platform effectively.


  • HTTPS over port 443

Browser Settings:

  • Javascript enabled
  • Local storage enabled
  • Internet accessibility for the browser

If you have domain access restrictions, we require the following to be allowed:

*Required if conducting candidate assessments in your office.

Logging in

To log in to your Criteria account, go to:

Alternatively, go to and click Login.

Email Security Settings

If your organization has high security settings on its mail server, you might not receive emails from the Criteria application. Please ask your IT team to add the domain to the mail server whitelist so that emails from the system will not be blocked. Your IT team may also be able to locate any recently blocked emails and send them through to you.


These are the system requirements for candidates completing application forms and assessments.

Candidates need a stable internet connection and an internet browser with cookies and JavaScript enabled.

For an optimal experience, we recommend using:

Please note that Internet Explorer and older versions of Edge are not supported.

If the device has domain access restrictions, the following need to be allowed:

For more information regarding assessment requirements click here.

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