Create a Department in Develop

Updated by Amy Thomas

Creating a Department in Develop can only be completed by an admin user. This can be initiated in the Admin Console, which is accessed by clicking Admin Console in the top menu.

Click the Departments tab.

Click Create a Department.

Enter in the name of the department and select the type of department by clicking on the dropdown list.

Toggle Add Department Leader on if you wish to assign the department to a team member. Select the team member from the dropdown list. Only one person may be selected as Department Leader. They will receive an invitation email when the department is created.

Click Save.

You can begin inviting team leaders to join this department by clicking Invite team leaders to this department. You can add team leaders individually by entering their email addresses one by one or upload multiple team leaders via a .csv spreadsheet.

Team leaders may create their own teams within the department, or you can create these on their behalf and assign the team leader to them.

If you are not yet ready to add team leaders to the new department, click Close to return to the previous screen.

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