Logging Into Develop for Leaders

Updated by Amy Thomas

Follow the instructions below to log into your Develop by Criteria account.

  1. Go to https://develop.criteriacorp.com/.
  2. Enter your work email address and password.
  3. Click Login.

Reset password

If you do not know your password. you can reset this from the login screen.

  1. Go to https://develop.criteriacorp.com/ and click the Forgot Password? link.
  2. Type in your work email address and click Reset Password.
  3. A password reset email will be sent to you. This will expire in 2 hours, so we recommend creating a new password straight away.
  4. Click on the Click here to set your password link in the Password Recover email.
  5. Enter a new password that is at least 8 characters long. Click Reset Password.
  6. Return to the login screen, enter your work email address and new password to log in.

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