Reusing assessment results

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There are times that candidates might apply for multiple jobs with your organization, especially during large recruitment campaigns. If these jobs include any of the same tests, this can mean the candidate is taking the same test multiple times. We are pleased to announce that you can now reuse results for candidates who have completed the assessment for your organization.

Who can set this up

This is enabled at the company level for all candidates completing testing for your organization.

When setting up candidates for testing, you can turn off the Reuse Results function if you want the candidates to complete all the tests.

By default, your account now has this function enabled with a duration of 12 months. Admin users can disable this, or change the duration, in Company Preferences > Reuse results.

What has changed in the workflow?

When enabled, if you do not select to bypass the Reuse Results function, your Criteria account will check if the candidates you are inviting for testing have completed them for you recently. If the candidate has completed one or more of the tests for you recently, their results will automatically be copied into the current job for you.

  • If your candidate has previously completed all the tests, they will not receive an invitation email as there is no further action required.
  • If your candidate has only completed some of the tests previously, when they open their invitation they will only be asked to complete the tests they do not have results for.

Why is it valuable?

  • Improved candidate experience: your candidates can apply for multiple jobs at your organization without having to take the same test multiple times. 
  • Less confusion: Instead of potentially seeing different results for the same test for the same candidate within a short period of time, you will see the same result for that test for that candidate. 
  • Flexible: You can choose to keep this feature enabled and select the period of time for which results should be reused. By default, candidate results will be reused for a 12 month time period. 
  • Bypass Reuse Results: there are several scenarios where you may want your candidate to take a test again, even if they’ve taken that test recently. Examples may include: verification testing, invalid results, technical issues. In these scenarios, you can choose to bypass Reuse Results when inviting that candidate. 
  • Private Results not automatically copied: Some results might be sensitive or confidential. An admin user can mark these results Private and they will not be copied by the Reuse Results feature.

Where can I learn more?

Click here to view our How To Guide for reusing assessment results.

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