Refreshed style for the Cognify assessments

Updated by Amy Thomas

As part of our ongoing effort to provide a more consistent assessment experience for your candidates, we're making some updates to the appearance of the Cognify and UCognify assessments. These changes will be live on September 21 2023.

Why are we making these updates?

The updates bring Cognify and UCognify into greater alignment with the other assessments Criteria offers. It's a small change but it will help to provide candidates with a more aligned and smooth assessment experience.

What's changing?

We're updating the images and the colors used in the assessment so they're more consistent with our other assessments. Everything else will stay the same, including the content, tasks, games and scoring.

Current color scheme:


New color scheme:


Can I still compare candidates who have completed Cognify with the current color scheme?

Absolutely! There are no changes to the way the assessment works or how it's scored, so you can confidently compare candidates who have completed Cognify or UCognify with both the current and the new colors.

What about candidates with color blindness?

The new color scheme is still fully accessible for candidates with all forms of color blindness.

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