On-site testing

Updated 10 months ago by Amy Thomas

We are very happy to announce that we have now made it even easier to schedule your candidates to complete testing in a supervised environment.

When you select on-site for the assessment mode, no invitation email is sent to your candidates. Once the invitation has been created, you will immediately have the option to download a spreadsheet of your candidates' testing details.

Who is impacted?

Any user who who can schedule candidates will see now see an option to select Remote or On-site when inviting candidates. The default setting is for Remote testing. 

What has changed in the workflow?

When scheduling a candidate for an on-site test, you can can now select “On-site”, which means that the candidate will not receive an email notification. You will also be able to download a list of candidates who have been invited. You'll also see a flag included in reports for candidates who have completed their assessments under supervised conditions.

Why is it valuable?

Choose assessment mode - you can select remote or on-site. Testing completed under on-site conditions will have a “Supervised” indicator on the score report.

Easily download candidate details - you can easily download the names, emails, and candidate IDs for the candidates that you have scheduled. 

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