“Create Job” updates make matching job titles and choosing assessments easier

Updated by Amy Thomas

Criteria assessments help you measure the qualities associated with success in a particular job and make more confident hiring decisions. To help you find the most appropriate job for each recruitment exercise, we’ve made some improvements to the job creation flow. 

Job title search box moved higher  

To make it easier to search again for a different job title and alternative test batteries, you’ll see the job title you entered at the top of the screen. 

Expandable/collapsible job titles 

If the first recommended test battery doesn’t quite meet your requirements, you can now easily collapse the first title and expand any of the titles below. 

Bolded job titles   

All related job titles will now appear in bold below the recommended test battery, making it easier to identify jobs that meet your requirements.  

To learn more about using Criteria's Recommended Test Batteries, click here.

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