Reasonable Adjustments for Video Interviewing

Updated by Sean Welch

Our one-way (also known as “asynchronous”) video interviewing tool helps you to create a structured interview process that’s objective, fair and minimizes bias.

Sometimes, however, a reasonable adjustment needs to be made to accommodate a candidate's needs. A reasonable adjustment is a change made to the interview which removes or reduces disadvantages experienced by candidates living with a disability, so they have an equal opportunity to perform as other candidates.  

We are very pleased to announce that you can now adjust your candidates' response options for video interviews.

With this feature, you can build a unique candidate experience by making reasonable adjustments at the candidate level. You can provide diverse and neuro-diverse candidates with every opportunity to participate and put them at ease by providing multiple retake opportunities and extra time to prepare and/or respond to questions.

The following accommodations will be configurable:

  • Prep time
  • Answer time
  • Number of Attempts

How will adjustments be made?

The user will apply these adjustments at the candidate level within the Results view in your Criteria account.

For Invited candidates

Please click here to view our How To Guide for completing these steps.

For In Progress candidates

The adjustments can not be added via the Criteria Platform. Please contact the Criteria Support Team to request an adjustment on behalf of your candidate.

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