Using Talent Insights

Updated by Amy Thomas

Can my employees create their own teams and invite others to Talent Insights?

Yes, they certainly can! As an Admin user, you can allow People Managers to create teams they will manage. You can also let any employee (with any user role) invite other employees to join Talent Insights.

How do I upload existing Employee Personality Profile results to Talent Insights?

If you are an employee who has been invited to join Talent Insights, and you completed the Employee Personality Profile (EPP) when you applied for the role with your organisation, you can link your EPP results to your profile in Talent Insights. Here's how.

Admin users can also link users' previous EPP results with their profile in Talent Insights. This can be done when adding new users or when updating their details.

We've created a team, added our employees, and completed the EPP. Now what?

Congratulations on setting up Talent Insights for your team! We've put together some guides to help you use the Workplace Insights Report, the Collaboration Guide, and the Manager Guide.

These resources will aid you in facilitating meaningful and supportive discussions with your team and with your team members, as you build rapport and help them to thrive, individually and as a group.

Our team has a new Team Lead. How do I update this in Talent Insights?

People Managers can reassign the teams they manage to a new Team Lead by updating the team settings. Admin users can do this also, even for teams they don't manage. By accessing the team via the Admin Console, Admins can complete all the tasks that the Team Lead can.

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