Talent Signal: Keeping your Candidates in Order Just Got Easier!

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A quick and easy way to prioritise candidates for high-volume hiring...

Criteria’s Talent Signal helps you prioritise candidates by giving your recruitment teams an additional data point to rank multiple candidates for a job.

Talent Signal works well in high-volume hiring situations, where it may not be effective – or even possible – to review each candidate’s assessment performance in detail.

...Talent Signal now includes video interview and live interview results for a more enriched score!

Talent Signal uses a weighted average of performance on assessments and structured interviews to help calculate a single rank score for a candidate, which you can use to prioritise candidates for your hiring managers.

Key Benefits 

  • Enriched Talent Signal: By including multiple sources and activities, we gain a more in-depth, validated, and holistic Talent Signal score for each candidate.
  • Streamlined Candidate Review: You will be able to compare and contrast all candidate assessments and evaluations from a single score, allowing you to designate short lists, starting points, and other similar decisions, all with greater efficiency. 
  • Flexibility: We realize that not you may not want all video interviews or live interviews in the Talent Signal score. You can select whether to include these in the Talent Signal for each job, as best suits your needs. You can set a default setting for your whole account, so you don’t have to make the same change every time you make a job.

Points to Note

Talent Signal will automatically include structured interviewing for jobs created from July 7, 2023 onwards. You can update this for your organization in Company Preferences.

You can update the Talent Signal in an existing job in Job Settings.

How can I learn more?

Click here to view our How To Guide on making use of this feature.

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