New for Video Interviews

Updated by Amy Thomas

Our video interview feature has been available in our Criteria platform for a year now, but we haven't been resting since then. We have been busy behind the scenes expanding the video interview functionality to make your experience with using this tool easier.

We're excited to announce these new additions to video interviews.

Copying video interview templates

You can now copy one of your video interview templates! Just as you can copy a landing page, email template or test battery, you can create a duplicate of the template. Click here to learn more.

Viewing and sharing candidates' results without being an Evaluator

If your access role in your Criteria account has Viewing Results permission, you can now view and share candidates' responses for video interviews without needing to be added as an Evaluator in the job. Click here to learn more.

How can I add video interviews to my Criteria account?

Don't have video interview enabled for your Criteria account? Contact your Customer Success Manager today to learn how this can be added to your subscription!

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